the brief

logo design • branding • promotional material • digital design

Boa Kusasa are a DJ and production Duo from the West Country. 

They approached me to create a logo and branding elements that reflected their musical style, an African inspired percussive, eclectic sound with its roots firmly planted in UK bass music.

They where looking for something bold and monochromatic with a handmade feel to echo their DIY approach to production.

Once the logo was completed I was asked to create some branding that could be used across their promotional material. I designed and edited their Bandcamp page, creating individual artworks for each of their self released tunes and also an electronic media pack that could be sent to both labels and promotors. 

Boa Kusasa Logo White
Boa Kusasa Fancy Logo Black
Boa Kusasa Fancy Logo White
Boa Kusasa Logo
Boa Kusasa Fancy Logo White
Boa Kusasa Fancy Logo Black
Boa Kusasa Logo White

logo variations

I provided Boa Kusasa with a couple of logo variations that could be used across different promotional material. 

The main logo is a slightly customised version of the ‘Rimbo’ font which works well in small spaces as it is clean and uncluttered. 

I then provided a more heavily edited version of the font to enhance the typography and tie into the brief, this works well large scale and also provides elements that can be used across branded material.

Boa Kusasa EPK mockup
Boa Kusasa EPK Open

promotional material

In order to advertise themselves to potential record labels and promotors it was important to Boa Kusasa that they had a digital document that was easy to send via email. Using the ePub format allowed me to include audio samples of their music as well as keeping document size down. 

I also created a branded ‘racer back’ vest for the guys to wear during their shows (it gets hot in the DJ booth!) as a way to further communicate their brand.

Boa Kusasa Drone Artwork

bandcamp page

Using design elements from the ‘fancy’ logo I edited the groups bandcamp page to make it more on brand. I also made artwork for each of their releases.



Boa Kusasa