de silk

the brief

logo design • branding • promotional material • print design • web design

I was approached by Cirque De Silk as they reached a new phase in their business, taking on their own studio and teaching space for the first time.

They were looking to update their branding to appeal towards a more health and wellbeing market and offer an alternative form of fitness. 

Together we looked at the potential client base and realised that they would need to infiltrate the ‘yogic’ market and to do this their branding would have to both sit alongside these types of companies whilst also making it clear of their unique approach to fitness. 

Cirque De Silk Performer on silks

logo process

By taking the shapes created by one of Cirque De Silks aerial performers we were able to created a clean, simple logo icon that subtly shows the companies roots in the aerial arts.

Cirque De Silk Typography

branding elements

Using the line icon created we were able to make a mandala style element to use across all branded material. It was also beautifully hand-painted onto the studio wall!


With the branding agreed we moved onto creating a website, keeping the minimal clean feel and ensuring its responsiveness across all platforms.

There was also the requirement to include an integrated booking system to ensure students could enrol on classes direct from the website.

Cirque De Silk Website

custom icon set

I also created a custom icon set to use across the website and on the timetable in order to make identifying the different classes easier.

Cirque De Silk Aerial Silks Icon

aerial silks

Cirque De Silk Aerial Hoop Icon

aerial hoop

Cirque De Silk Yoga Icon



Cirque De Silk Handstands Icon


Cirque De Silk Circus Icon

circus skills


I am absolutely over the moon with the work Visual Pickle Creative has done for our company. He has gone the extra mile with every little detail, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. 

Ed created a complete re-brand for our company including a new logo, a new website, icons, and merch. The branding has remained strong throughout all of his work for us, and it has been amazing to see how he creates these clever designs which link throughout all of our brand. It has definitely been a turning point for our company and has finally given us that professional feel we have been looking for. 

Ed was always available for a chat or phone call making it very easy to get work complete or change small details. His willingness to work and offer professional advice was not gone unmissed. I felt we were always on the same page when making final decisions and he consistently put our companies needs first.

I am continuing to work with Visual Pickle Creative for any new additions we need for advertising, website updates, and graphics work. I am very excited to work alongside him and see what amazing work is created next!

Phoebe Hoyle
CEO – Cirque De Silk