the brief

artworking • concept creation • digital presentation

Whilst working for D2 Creative Agency I was tasked with creating key arts and a presentation for an upcoming tender.

The client was looking to update their branding and marketing material in order to grow their current market share within the rural fibre optic broadband market. 

With a brand colour palette already in place and directed by D2’s creative directors I produced a range of mockups that fit the 3 main creative directions they wished to explore. 

power to the people

The first concept was based on the tagline ‘power to the people’, this was meant to empower small rural communities that were often forgotten by the larger multi-national internet service providers. The artwork was inspired by Russian propaganda artwork of the soviet era.

d2 power to the people web
D2 Creative Power to the People Bustop

we are here

The second concept was based on the fibre optic cables themselves, the idea of multiple lines connecting people together.

Using isometric imagery it gave the artwork more depth and a better sense of scale.

D2 Creative Superhero Van


The third and final concept was based on the idea that the service men and women for FullFibre where ‘superheroes’ and ‘Fibre Man’, enabling the people in rural communities to access full fibre broadband.

The art style had a comic book feel with an air of whimsy .

D2 Creative Fibre Man Sign

final presentation

Once all of the concepts where ready to go I compiled a presentation that could be given to the client. 

I used D2 brand guidelines and created a clean modern layout that let the designs do the talking.

D2 Creative Full Fibre Presentation Open